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This is what users say about the GyroTwister

Every day we receive letters and e-mail from excited GyroTwister users.
Here is just a selection.

Hello Dear GyroTwister Team!

I ordered the Xbeam in blue/yellow and it arrived in only 2 (!) days. Totally fast!
After some difficulties at first, I figured out the ´turns´ and now I have to keep trying it. You’re absolutely right about one thing: the GyroTwister is addictive! ;-)

And the Xbeam has a totally spacey effect in the dark. It will be the absolute hit at the next LAN...

Manuel Koch from Greiz/Thuringia (also Bamberg/Bavaria)

PS: The video on the CD really turned out well! *Thumbs up*
Manuel Koch, Naisa, 19.11.

You and your Gyrotwister are totally great!
I ordered your first product recently and I am totally impressed! I was amazed that such a small thing could create so much power.
Your new ´X Beam´ is also a great idea. I would buy it as well if I didn’t already have a regular Gyrotwister!

Keep up the great work!
Florian Stehr, Coesfeld, Germany, 07.11.

Hello GyroTwister Team,

Thanks a lot for the quick delivery, I have just paid the bill.
I’m impressed with your service and the training device, and I’m still trying to figure out how such a small thing could create that much energy. It’s totally amazing. It’s fun to feel how it builds up speed and the power moves to the arm.
Keep up the good work !!!!
It’s simply great !!!

Hans-Jürgen Rui, Zweibrücken, Germany, 19.10.

Hello dear Gyrotwister Team!

I bought the Gyrotwister and I have to say that the slogan: ‘it’s addictive!’ really is worth it. I can’t keep my hands off it. Five friends of mine also bought the Gyrotwister. They are as amazed as I am.
Keep up the great work!

Lars Wilhelm, Simmern, Germany, 24.09.


Today I got the Gyrotwister I ordered. I was really glad to receive it.
As soon as I unpacked it, I started training with it.
But there was a small problem: my boyfriend found out that I had a Gyrotwister habe. That’s actually not a bad thing, but he won’t let me have it back!!!! Waaaaahh!!!
This means I have to..... order a new one.
If only I knew this right from the start. :-)

I wish you continued success and I know you will have a lot of it.

Kind regards and keep up the good work
Vanessa Cruanas, Kraichtal, Germany, 19.09.

Hello GyroTwister Team,

What can I say - it doesn’t get any better and my Gyrotwister arrived on the very next day.
Of course it’s hard the get the right feeling at first, but once you get the turning down pat...
...and I already notice the many positive effects of this amazing device.

And the best thing is, the Gyrotwister trains your head, too.
This makes training fun, keep up the good work.

Kinds regards
Stefan ´Lexx´ Schöneberg from Hamburg, Germany, who can’t live without it.

PS. I can imagine that soon everyone will have one at home.
Stefan Schöneberg, Hamburg, Germany, 29.08.

Hello, you amazing people!

Who on earth discovered this thing? It deserves a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Addictive factor rates a 1! Delivery is right away, level of impressiveness for me is TOPS! After some difficulties at first, I figured out how to turn it and I can now confirm that this simple and effective device can even encourage ´office and computer horses” like me to a high performance workout. Let’s see if you will get a special order soon, I will be promoting it among my friends and acquaintances.

Walter Hansen, Pforzheim, Germany, 27.08.

Hello Gyrotwister Team,

I received my Gyrotwister today.
A really great product, I am totally satisfied.

Ordering and delivery is totally uncomplicated, a great service.

Have a great day,
Gerd Holzmacher, Duisburg, Germany, 20.08.

I was a little surprised about the delivery time at first!
When I ordered it on Monday, and had it in my hands by Wednesday, I was totally blown away. Congratulations. Normally, delivery to Austria takes at least a week. I really find the 5-year guarantee great, which helped my decision to buy it! Keep up the good work...

Best wishes,

Markus Koffler, Leoben/Austria, 10.08.

Hello dear Gyrotwister Team

I just got the Gyrotwister half an hour ago (ordered it on Wednesday evening)! Here are my compliments on your fast delivery service!!!!
We have to say that it’s absolutely amazing. Devilishly good!!! You just can’t let it go, our arms are hurting already!! :-))
The Mini CD with the rotation gauge is also great, it works perfectly!!

Once again, congratulations to you and your great invention!!!

Best wishes
Yvonne & Sascha from Ingolstadt
Sascha & Yvonne, Ingolstadt, Germany, 09.08.

Dear Gyrotwister Team,
You can really be proud of your product. It helps the muscles and it also a lot of fun (plus it’s also addictive... ;-). But you shouldn’t be proud just because of the fun and addictive feeling. No, your Gyrotwister was used without stopping by 2 – 3 school kids on July 5, 2002 between 5 pm and 10:30 pm (on the way back from a school trip to Berlin). It didn’t stop moving once.

Christian Engelbrecht, Neustadt – Wildenheid, Germany, 06.07.

Dear GyroTwister Delivery Team,

We are now also among your impressed customers. After my sister’s recommendation, I visited your homepage and was pleased to read about your presentation and fair offer. I immediately infected two co-workers with my enthusiasm, so that all four of us ordered a Gyrotwister together. This happened on Friday, and we’re already received it. The service is GREAT, best quality delivery and the device itself is ABSOLUTELY SUPER. I am so happy to see that there are such fair suppliers out there, who send an invoice along with the product.

Thank you.

The Life Food Team
Elisabeth Huber, Freiburg, Germany, 24.06.


We just received the ´GYROTWISTER´ and we can’t put it down anymore!!!!
Your product is simply amazing!! It’s so much fun to train with it, and this is coming from a person who does not play a lot of sports!!! Promote your product even more, because a good device (like this one) will sell really well for sure!

Best wishes from a new and impressed ´GYROTWISTER´ fan
B. Schmitt, Güglingen, Germany, 03.04.

I just have to say it.
I honestly have to admit that I was totally annoyed after the first few tries. It just wouldn’t work.
(okay, I’ll admit I’m over 40:-) ) BUT THEN!
Suddenly I figured out how to turn it and then it really caught on with me.
But sadly just for a short time. Then my wife discovered my little toy. And I never saw it again. I think I have to order a new one. I usually never promote things unless I am 100% convinced.
But the Gyrowister is really FUN.

Regards, T.Feick
Thorsten Feick, Heusenstamm, Germany, 22.03.

Hello everyone,
This is a former doubter writing, and after a half hour of useless attempts, I was ready to send the thing back. But a friend grabbed it and got it to work. He gave it back to me and I was amazed at the energy inside. I bought the training device for my damaged shoulder and wow, after 10 minutes of training the muscles were well circulated and the pain was reduced. At night I could even sleep painlessly on my shoulder. It was really worth it for me.
PS: I am not sponsored by the company, and anyone who wants a confirmation can contact me by
e-mail (!!!
Simon Kraitschek, 12.02.

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